Strategies to create your personal brand (personal branding)

More and more professionals are turning to creating a personal brand and becoming the product to market themselves. Learn how to build your personal branding …

In business language, it is known as personal branding  (or personal brand) the recent tendency to convert the image, life and opinions of a person into a commercial seal that identifies, associates and advertises a specific market, linked to their area of ​​knowledge.

It is a practice enhanced by the appearance of social networks and online consumption of information, the immediate consequence of which has been the customization (personalization) of information consumption , making it an exercise closer to personal passions and beliefs, than to advertising aggressiveness of a specific company.

How to strengthen my personal brand?

Taking advantage of the network and 2.0 technology are key to building a personal brand, either as an entrepreneur and founder of a company, or simply as an informed consumer who connects with an audience and, in turn, makes them deposit it. a trust and a prestige . Here are some recommendations in this regard:

Learn to tell your bio

Make sure that when talking about yourself and your career, you include all your achievements and successes, arranged in a dynamic and attractive way .

A long list of data is not what you are looking for at all, but an agile explanation of what you have done and for whom, why you are a leader in the field and what motivations you have in life. Overcome the barrier between work and life: you are passionate .

Optimize your online business profiles

Pay attention to the pages like Linkedin and other social networks where you have visibility , dedicate time and energy to them. They will pay off even if you don’t notice it at first. Expand your network of contacts and personalize your interaction with the networks until it is recognizable.

Open a blog or personal website

Get yourself a space from which you can show yourself and your specific interests and knowledge .

This goes hand in hand with the use of your social networks, which will use the blog as the epicenter of your presence on the web, creating a community of regular visitors to your reflections, advice, criticism or passions.

If you are not given the writing, consider hiring a ghostwriter to write those articles correctly.

Participate in events

They can be lectures (live or online), specialized discussions or exchanges of some kind in your area of ​​expertise. Try to meet key people in the area and expand your network of contacts.

The recommendation of a specialist will do wonders for building your personal brand.